Educational Commons

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The Open Educational Resources (OER) Commons by the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) is an open-source resource for educators, offering search tools for shared resources, guidelines and a framework for the development of shared resources, the Open Author software platform, evaluation rubrics and a variety of tools and information to help educators build and share their curriculum. Educators must register through the website, but registration is free. In addition to the information and tools that are provided through the website, the organization also provides training opportunities in open-source curriculum development for educators within their local communities.


The Commons on Flickr

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The Commons on the flickr website is a joint project of flickr and the Library of Congress aimed increasing access to publicly held photography collections while also providing a way for the general public to contribute to the overall collection of publicly held common photography resources. Collections from more than 70 organizations and museums around the world have been contributed to the resource and are available for search. The public is asked to help further contribute to the quality of the resource by tagging photographs and commenting on them in order to increase the search capabilities of the database.


Creative Commons

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The Creative Commons supports the sharing of digital creative media by providing legal and technical resources and infrastructure. The organization supports all kinds of digital media, including images, pictures, music, video, writing, coding, and others by providing free and easily accessible ways to both license original works and utilize the work of other users to the site with proper copyrighting procedures. In addition, the website provides links to other websites providing information and examples of commons sharing projects and organizations.


Cancer Commons

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  Cancer Commons is a patient-centered resource and data sharing network that invites patients, researchers and clinicians to donate data in open science collaboration in order to create a “Rapid Learning Community”. The organization makes all of the collected data available to scientists working at over 20 cancer centers across the nation as they develop personalized therapies for patients as well as making personalized data and resources available to the patients who donate data and their caregivers. Researchers participate by contributing data and using the pooled data to help develop molecular models that delineate subtypes of cancer, diagnostic tests, therapies and clinical trials for treatment as well as a database of potential biomarkers, treatments and outcomes. Physicians who participate are able to share case reports and patient data, as well as the opportunity to analyze and comment on the information being generated by researchers working with the pool of data. While the organization is collecting data on all types of cancer, the currently supported types include Lung Cancer, Melanoma and Prostrate Cancer.