Who rules with which rules?

The Social Rules project directed by Paul Steinberg of Harvey Mudd College is a great project that shows the importance of rules and norms in every day live, especially in the context of sustainability. Besides a book, an animation they also provide a game. A great educational source.

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Student projects

The students of the course "Rules, Games and Society" at Arizona State University use the book of this website, and they made some amazing videos. The task was to create a five minute video and apply concepts of the class to a specific topic. Here is a selection of the videos:

Prevent a water crisis in Arizona

Recent rain events in the Phoenix valley may not allude to it, but there is a serious water scarcity in Arizona. The Arizona Community Foundation announced a $100,000 award for the best innovative campaign to make water scarcity and water use to be at the top of the political debate in Arizona. For more information see

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Governing a Mayan Forest

A great documentary on how indigenous communities in Guatemala are managing successfully their community forest of about 21,000 hectares. It is a nice example of self-governance and illustrate many of the design principles Elinor Ostrom found in her analysis of many case studies. 48 Cantones: The Mayan Forest by jmollrocek

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Norms on giving way to ambulances in India

Last December I experienced the traffic in India first hand. A big difference between the formal and informal rules!! One needs to honk the whole time to let people in front of you know you are there. People drive all kind of directions at the same time, and cows and other animals share the road with you too. The video below shows the experience ambulance drivers have in India in contrast to a European or North American situation. In India nobody give way to the ambulance and the patient dies, in European and North American countries lives are saved due to different social norms. Hopefully videos like this will raise awareness and change some of the norms people use in Indian traffic.

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Defending the Global Commons

Defending the Global Commons is an on-going posted collection of essays and articles about the global commons of natural resources, basic services, public spaces and cultural traditions that may contribute to the “common good”, as the website puts it. This is one section of the online magazine from the Other Worlds organization. The Other Worlds organization is dedicated to social justice and the online magazine includes a number of sections dedicated to social justice issues such as food production, gender justice, water, health, housing and environmental protection.

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